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Collage Artist

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WOW,just WOW. You work is amazing!. I can get lost in your art in so many ways. Thank you!
Kim Collins - 19 Apr 2019
I had no idea I had such an accomplished cousin that is such a talented artist! Shame on me. I have enjoyed everything I have seen so far! I would be proud to own any one of this wonderful creations! Good luck in everything you want to accomplish in the art world!
Joyce Lillich - 17 Jan 2017
'flaming meatball' meets 'mountain of meat' dish?
bob shadel - 3 Sep 2015
Thanks for your artistic mind. I've been enjoying your work since 1976 and now I own one. I love it ! !
Pete carter - 12 Jun 2015
Visited you on-line gallery. Your new work is very bright and sunny. love it and you. Grace Reynolds
Grace Reynolds - 21 Apr 2014
You have some great new art work. I always enjoy looking at your work. the picture I have hangs on my apartment wall where I can enjoy it. Thanks. Love, Grace
Grace Reynolds - 26 Sep 2013
Took a tour today of your art work. The Blue Mountain was my favorite, but the rest are so brillent with color; I say they all are uplifting. Keep up your wonderful gift of art. Love, Grace
Grace Reynolds - 7 Apr 2013
I've always loved collage, and have done quite a few, but use beach glass and other things. One is hanging in the Crepery, that I gave Brandon for a gift. Yours are so inspiring! I knew I saved all those magazines for a reason! ( I've seen your work at Northwinds, and today at Tyler Street Coffee) The more I stare at them the more I see! The main thing I do is pencil portraits, but I think I'm going to do more collage also! best to you, Yvonne
yvonne panchot - 2 Apr 2013
I really enjoy looking at your work. It's fascinating and well done! I'm inspired. See you at the restaurant!
Julie Read - 6 Dec 2012
Yikes, I went to call you on your Birthday and I lost your phone number. Just email it to me and I will call. Boy you have been busy of the past few years. Love your website. I am not sure which is my favorite, Rush Hour, Big Yacht, Martha's World, The Tower and the Mountain, The Big Bang or The River City. It must be one of those. Take care and keep of the good works.
Frank Love - 28 Dec 2011
I enjoyed your art at Northwind Art Gallery and wanted to see more of your work. I too am a collage artist, and love to see how others work, find inspiration and tell their story with their art. I look forward to seeing more of your work and meeting you sometime at one of your art shows. You can see some of my work at:http://chelmariescreativecorner.blogspot.com/ Please add me to your mailing list for your up coming show's.
Michele Quam - 8 Jun 2011
I loved visiting your galary again. My favorites were Martha Stewart's Apron and Nude #5. Of course the one on music hanging in my room is the BEST. Love you, Grace aka wwsm
Grace Reynolds - 2 Apr 2011
Hey Harold! I really enjoyed checking out your work online, though the opportunity to see your artwork up close and personal just can't be beat! Your web presence is magnifico!
Joan Fabian - 25 Mar 2011
I visited your website this morning. Wow, you have some new beautiful work. I found my picture, which I love. Loved the picture of you and Homer, and you bio. Love you, Grace
Grace Reynolds - 25 Jan 2011
Hi Harold, Most beautiful work. Sounds like you are getting some well deserved notices for it. The intricacy of your compositions is remarkable. Your web site is very nice as well. Vince
Vince Stanford - 16 Aug 2010
Hey! from northeast Texas :O) I love your work! Who knew...way back then that you would evolve into an artist!!! And a good one! When did you start to paint...never mind I'll read your bio [that should make for interesting reading].
Coral Hoyle Titus - 13 Apr 2010
Hi Harold, I love working in collage too, and falling into the intricacy of your work is a joy!
Deirdre Morrison - 7 Apr 2010
Grandsons, Brett and Nick, and I were discussing art and I told them about your website. They think your art is awesome, especially the Sock Monkey in Spiraling Wind.
Judy Nelson - 22 Mar 2010
Hi Harold! Thanx for putting me on to your web site. Awesome work! I'd invite you to have a look at son Burton's work: http://burhtun.com/portfolio.html. He's kinda awesome, as well, but in an entirely different way. Of course, I'm not prejudiced, or anything! My favorite so far is the Ice Druid. Oh, if you like awesome, read far out, photography, check out daughter Kathryn's site: machinedance.com. Course, I'm not prejudiced there either. Jessie and I have no idea where our kids got ANY artistic abilities! We certainly have zero. Oh yeah, check out her dramatic pic of Jessie and I under her misc category... Looks like out holiday greetings are going to be late this year. So, I'll say to you and yours have the best of holidays and may great things come for you in the new year. I'm in heavy negoatiations to buy a sailboat: Horizon Cat. Google it and you'll get an idea what it's all about. I got back from Mobile this evening after checking it out. It's a really really clean well cared for boat, a 2007 outboard version. Regards, Burt
Burt Parker - 16 Dec 2009
Harold I am so glad I got to your webpage. I love your creations and will be passing your address on to many others.
Lisa Lanza - 23 May 2009
takes me a while, but i finally made it to your web site...way impressive! Great work Harold!! rg
rachel ganapoler - 13 May 2009
The Tower and the Mountain...my favorite! They are all so stunning! Harold I can't imagine the thrill this must be for you. A lifelong dream; now reality. Congratulations!
Jacque Reynolds - 22 Apr 2009
I love the one you did for Patti, Marty likes the nudes, but I still treasure my "Suicide" photo.Congratulations on your showing ond on this beautiful website.
Pat & Marty Coburn - 8 Apr 2009
Awesome works, I am actually related to Jennifer and Topher Nelson, a cousin! Bravo!
Allyson Montgomery - 21 Mar 2009
My favorite is Sweet Spot, but they are all beautiful. So glad to talk with you about your background and art at the Skunk Bay barbecue. Your work is absolutely fascinating.
Ånn Lenski - 21 Mar 2009
Harold, the picture is just right. It is more beautiful than it looks on your website. And I really love it. I will treasure it always. Love, Grace
Grace Reynolds - 11 Mar 2009
Fantastic!!! Web site looks great and your Art looks better. Sandy and I show off your pieces every chance we get. Looking forward to seeing some at a show ... hope to get back to Washington soon. John and Sandy
John and Sandy - 7 Mar 2009
Harold, I am so delighted to be the first entry in your guestbook. I am a delighted fan of your astonishing art and hope the work will be joyfully shared with many. You are an inspiration and a dedicated artist. Thanks for coloring my world, bending my mind and stirring up the creative fire within me. Best wishes and congratulations on your continued success, Joan Fabian
Joan - 4 Mar 2009
Great website, Harold! We were excited to be included in the NFS/Sold category. Did I miss a photo of the wine label? Couldn't find it. ANYWAY, congratulations on a good webbing job. Love, Sandy
sandy wagner - 3 Mar 2009
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